the southlondonmuseum launched and founded in 1999 presents the work of Alma Tischlerwood, co-founder of art collective, as well as ongoing collaborations in dialogue. Visits by appointment only. Thank you


a one-day symposium on 14th July focusing on the relationship between urban photography and the politics of ‘the fake’ in a time of shifting perspectives around what constitutes ‘the real’. Photography has for some time struggled with core questions around how the world of experience and perception relates to the world ‘out there’? This symposium will question, challenge and expand on some key issues relating to politically engaged photography as part of the ongoing Cities of Light symposia organized by Goldsmiths, The Sorbonne and UPA – The Urban Photographers’ Association.

11:00 – 16:00 followed by drinks reception – Tickets here:


FLOWER POWER is an art event and workshops dedicated to the Brockley area, conceived and devised by Arthouse members, Alma Tischlerwood (curator & artist) and Heather Steed (artist & writer). Flower Power addresses complex issues surrounding the relationship between communities and their local environments. Flower Power is designed to kickstart an on-going process of art based social engagement and care for our environment, connecting local communities with an opportunity to experience different art practices.

We like to thank the Brockley Assembly for funding FLOWER POWER

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‘The Machine For Saying Sorry’ is an installation work by four people from different practices and interests. In this sense it may appear to link art, design, technology and music.

However, it was not driven by any pre-determined purpose, issue, crusade, or funding requirement. So, what might this artwork be ‘about’? Well, perhaps a clue is in the title, although art often defies meaningful description, or categorization.

Since the 1970s, while economic growth has been immense, more than half of the vertebrate animal population has been lost. Some experts believe that the human species itself may go the same way. At the same time, the hype surrounding developments in robotics, AI (artificial intelligence) and ‘Big Data’ is getting as much attention as global extinctions. We are very confused. While some welcome a technological revolution that will save us from the drudgery of work, others fear that robots will, in some fiendish way, enslave us all.

Recently, it has become fashionable for AI experts to claim that machines will become empathetic. But this reveals a failure to grasp the difference between living systems and machines. Similarly, we often hear calls for politicians to apologise. But how many people know that apologising and saying sorry have almost opposite meanings? The ancient Greek word ‘apologia’ (ἀπολογία’) referred to the public defence of a religious belief. This is very different from expressing heartfelt remorse (i.e. as in saying ‘sorry’). Never mind, we might still need someone (or some thing) to excuse us, once we’re gone…]


  • John Lunn composer
  • Tischlerwood artist
  • Sara Willett artist
  • John Wood curator

YOU ARE NOT HERE ↗ a multi media installation by cinematographer, Alex Forsey & visual artist, Alma Tischlerwood on the paradox of maps and the Cartesian grid – sound design by John Wood 

Everyone remembers ‘Apocalypse Now’, but only movie aficionados will recall the original British film “Apo-Calypso Now” (1959), starring Harry Belafonte, Joan Rutherford, Tommy Steel, Hattie Jacques and Marlon Brando. Steel is unforgettable as the brooding and laconic SAS officer who finds himself behind enemy lines with only a parachute and a small box of percussion instruments. What possible relevance could this have for pre-Brexit Britain in 2017? Well, in today’s spoilt and cynical world we need that cheery, pre-war spirit. If you can’t stand May, or can’t stand up to Trump, do a minute’s defiant stand-up. Bring a bad poem, long-forgotten joke or ditty. Keep Calm and Wear Camouflage in case you’re recognized (e.g. shifty make-up, appalling clothing). The World is fucked and we’re all going to die. But why let it get you down? Get down and boogie.

Left Hand by Alma Tischler Wood in collaboration with curator/artist Adam Nankervis (Museum Man)

The group exhibition: SELF-ORGANISATION curator: Antonio Ortega. The Fundació Joan Miró 16/02/2017 — 21/05/2017

curator, Antonio Ortega at Miró Foundation Barcelona 16/02/ & 21/05/2017 Self-organization includes a number of international artists, including Gilbert and George, Gustav Metzger, Joan Miró, Adam Nankervis (Museum Man), Yoko Ono, Michelangelo Pistoletto. The exhibition is also an attempt to understand recent art and confirm the current validity of these dynamics.
Self-management traces do it yourself practices from the pioneering artists of the sixties to the present. Through strategies that could be considered self-managed, these artists have taken control of their production and the emission and reception of their works with gestures of empowerment that have resulted in new ways of relating to the artistic system. The works of the exhibition form a constellation of practices and gestures that constitute a defense of the continued power of the imagination and the creativity.

MuseumMAN artists:
Stephan Apicella Hitchcock, Anne Bean, Frank Blum, Francesca Bertazzoni, Ben Carey,Sico Carlier,Francesca Cho, Mateusz Chorobski, Mitya Churikov, Layla Dangelo, Misha Dare, Paul Darius, Alan Dunn,James Edmonds, Noel Ed De Leon, Peter Fillingham,Thomas Heidtmann, Klaas Hübner, Sarah Johnston, Brigitte Jurack, Elmar Kaiser, Daniel Kupferberg, Roberta Kravitz, Marta Leite, Cyril Lepitit, Peter Lewisi, David Medalla, Paul Meinel, Marita Muukkunen, Adam Nankervis, Anna Orlowski, Alwin Reamillo, Denis Salivanov, Dirk Sorge, Ernst Markus, Stein, Ivor Stodolsky, Estela Stokol, Anja Teske, Alma Tischler Wood, Valerie Vivancos.

Tischler Wood’s Knot event is a hands on, participative knot performance and installation that will take place at the Tea Hut, next to the Creek in Greenwich. The work will tie up several strands of thought. The act of tying a knot is like a moment of time, meditation and focus. A limited edition of signed posters and Knot – T-shirts will be exclusively available during APT LIVE and ART LICKS only


Le JRM ( Le Jardin des Recherches Musicales) vous invite à sa troisième edition. Un après midi d’experimentation sonore, performances, field recordings et d’écoute via les ondes sur la petite ceinture, invité par les Jardins du Ruisseau. Avec Ocean Viva Silver,Fabrice Naud, Rodolphe Alexis, Jean-Philippe Renoult, DinahBird, Tischler Wood, Max Ripple, Korinna McRobert, Alan Dunn, Sophie Couronne, Gabi Schaffner, Isabelle Stragliati, Marie Lisel, Julie Rousse, La Cosa Preziosa, Sally Ann McIntyre aka radio Cegeste, Aline Penitot et Cyril Lepetit.




HOUSE OF CARDS – the underlying order Alma Tischlerwood (London) & Alix Stadtbaeumer (Munich) Galerie OQBO, Brunnenstr. 63, 13355 Berlin,



Alan Dunn, artist/curator, presents FOUR WORDS The Media Wall on 20th January 2016 outside Lime Street in Liverpool as part of: Liverpool Provocations: A series of artistic interruptions Between 3 and 4pm the adverts will stop and the giant screen will host an alternative stream of provocative, 10 second animations of just four words each. Alan Dunn, a Liverpool Art Prize 2012 nominee, has  collaborated on or appropriated existing texts from 108 individuals, from world-famous artist (Gerhard Richter) to lesser known contributors (Captain Pengelly, a retired seafarer). Each set of FOUR WORDS will act as a counterpoint to the sales season and the invisible pressures of this time of year, with ruminations on value, money and exchange. The contributors include Gerhard Richter, Douglas Coupland, Shaista Aziz, Pavel Büchler, Fiona Banner, Levitt & Dubner (‘Freakonomics’), David Shrigley, retired seafarer Captain Pengelly, Hala Al-Alaiwat and ex-Liverpool FC striker David Fairclough Hala Al-Alaiwat Sean Ashton Clarisse Aubert Chris Bishop Jessie Brennan Billy Cancel Jayne Casey Roger Cliffe-Thompson Ade Blackburn Zak Dunn Nina Edge Jack Ehlen Chris Erskine Damon Fairclough Forest Swords foreign investments Bethany Hermitt Julia Heslop Martin Heslop Roger Hill Stewart Home Derek Horton Nathan Jones Brigitte Jurack Rudy Kanhye Elizabeth Flanagan Harry Meadley Nathaniel Mellors Mark Melvin MeYouandUs Simon Morris Julie Nugent Harold Offeh Julieann O’Malley Joe Fletcher Orr Bernadette O’Toole Ben Parry Leo Jasper Plumb Claire Potter James Quin Rachel Reupke John Wood Bryony Shakespeare-Smyth Eoin Shea Ross Sinclair Paul Sullivan SUPERFLEX Alma Tischler Wood and others –  See more at:

Y&A 1



‘Being There’ one month artists residency at Chateau de Sacy, Sacy-le-Petit, France (2014)


‘Madame Lavoisier’s Drawing Room’ – solo exhibition, Munich (2014)

Lavoisier small room NEWTischler Wood’s new room installation at the Artothek & Bildersaal, Munich zoomed into of the physics of heat with         painted abstractions on walls and canvas, zooming into Madame Lavoisier’s social life of the 18th and 19th century. 

‘Bird Home’ – part of Wild New Territories, Botanical Museum and Gardens, Berlin (2014)

CelesteWNT showcased new visual art, media and performances. Curators: Kathy Kenny and Ron den Daas. Artists: Julie Henry, Gordon Cheung, Dana Claxton, Ron den Daas, Jamie Griffith, Edgar heap of Birds, Foreign Investment, Kathy Kenny, Max Kimber, Michael Landy, Glenn Lewis, Diego Samper, Gillian Wearing, Alma Tischler Wood and Cornelia Wyngaarden. consisted of bird boxes installed in selected trees in London, Berlin and Vancouver. Each bird home was individually made, embellished with gold leaf and vibrant colours, post modern sculptures yet bird boxes at the same time. All materials were rescued from a skip outside one of Britain’s best-known art schools. After the exhibition Tischler Wood donated her ‘Bird Homes’ to birds in the cities of Berlin and London to nest. 

‘Tayto’-part of WNT, Botanical Museum, Dahlem, a sphere made from potato crisp packaging,(2013)


IMG_0019 copy     first solo exhibition in Seoul PAPER GALLERY(2011)

‘Beige’ – live performance in collaboration with Jillian Lochner, London

ndw1.jpgUND 6 – INTERCONTINENTAL, 15.10.10 – 07.11.10 at the schwartz gallery – curated by Billy Gruner, Jan van der Ploeg & Tilman.

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