Welcome to the museum
although some of the collection is on view now

never the less the whole construction is still under construction.
(Viewing by appointments only, call 07717748753)

Thank you for visiting the southlondonmuseum

excerpt from Chambers Dictionary of Etymology:

muse v. think, meditate. 1340 musen, in Ayenbite of Inwyt; borrowed from Old French muser to ponder or loiter; literally, stay with one’s nose in the air, from muse muzzle, from Gallo-Romance *musa snout, of uncertain origin.

At one time thought to be related to italian musare to stare about, idle, loiter; or the Old French muser was considered to be derived from a lost noun and so on….. MUSE/UM. n.s. [Gr.]A repository of learned curiosities.


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